Dog Behaviour Training In Nottingham

What Naughty Pets can do for you!

Naughty Pets is a Nottingham based dog training company that offer high quality trainers and help in dealing with all problem behaviours in puppies and older dogs'.

Jenny Fox is the owner, and her aim is to help you achieve a better understanding of your dog, she will show you how it's possible to achieve a great relationship by using FUN, reward-based training techniques on your puppy or older dog.

Puppy and dog training is not just focused on teaching basic obedience classes’ and one to one sessions in Nottingham, but also covers really important exercises such as:

  • Teaching to self settle on a lead - Helpful when stopping to chat to a friend in the street or having a drink outside a cafe.
  • Go to mat or place - Great for when visitors come to the house or at meal times.
  • Hand targeting - Teaches your dog to greet people by touching their hand with his nose, this is much better than jumping up, and can be a great confidence builder for dogs that don't want to be touched by every person in the street.


The benefits of learning to read your dog's body language

  • Prevents possible problems when meeting people or other dogs
  • Gives you a better understanding of how your dog's feeling
  • Helps you to read other peoples dogs which can reduce the risk of getting bitten
  • Keeps your dog safe from things he finds scary



Does your dog..

If you answer 'yes' to any of the above (or you have another problem), you don't have to put up with it - the solution may be very simple.

Special Offer

Book a puppy course and recieve a 90 minute one-to-one training session in your home prior to the course starting for £20 - usual price is £35

This can be invaluable especially if you are experiencing problems such as biting and jumping up!

Additional Services:

The home alone consultation is a great way of finding out what your best friend is up to when you are out. Go to Wendy’s testimonial to see how Jack & Charlie where helped by using this service.

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