Hi , we contacted Jenny about a few behavioral problems we were having with our dog Poncho. Jenny taught us how to address these through the use of the clicker training method and i have to say i was so surprised how well it works' you have to put in the work every day and sometimes things slip back but we can see so much improvement in Poncho and each day he moves forward. We would like to thank Jenny for all her help and advice.

Elaine, Laura and Poncho


Arrived with a very naughty, out of control dog. Left with a calm, in-control and much happier Buzz.



Ollie has really enjoyed the course and it has encouraged me to reinforce training at home.



We still have a long way to go, but have learnt a fun and friendly way to train, and it works (smiley face).

John, Emily and Toby


We all learned lots and had fun too.

Karen & Colin & Buddy


This class has been so good for Gunner in so many ways. He has gone from howling when within 20 metres of another dog, to calmly lying down when surrounded by them. He is also starting to master commands such as, "leave" & "stay" which we never thought he would.

Thank-you very much

Zoe & Gunner


Fantastic trainer and excellent course which is completely tailored to individual needs. Meet Hector who has grown rather a lot since this pic!

Alison & Hector


Jenny is an excellent trainer, not only for dogs but for their owners needs and requirements too. Jenny was able to assess not only our dogs behaviours but those displayed by us when he was bitling. The course and Jenny helped us tremendously.

Thank you Jenny

The Horton family and Gyp


Thanks for your help so far, you're great!

Joanne, her family & Charlie


My dogs have improved so much, before we went on the course we thought we would have to re-home them because we are expecting a baby, now we are confident that they will be fine when baby arrives, thank you.

Lorraine & Mark


Most enjoyable evening with the added bonus that the dog learns something new every week. If at first Chanz did not succeed – Jenny showed us another tactic that did the trick!

Jill & Wayne


Great experience for us and Charlie.

Natasha & Wayne


Comment about the puppy socialisation classes which Blaze (below) attended:

Very good, clear instruction, would definitely recommend, "thanks Jenny"

Julian, Michele and Francheska


Excellent training course!  Brilliant that my children were involved and included.
Well done to "Marley" too, my chocolate brown labrador and bye bye to Monty
my friend........I want to roll over like Monty - Lotties going to teach me now she knows how.
Marley & the Smith family - Hucknall


Hello, my name is Brandy and I am a 2 year old Jack Russell. Recently my mum met a new friend called Jenny who likes to train us doggies. I have always had a happy time with my mum but now she has become more exciting that I have no need to go running off after other doggies to play with (you know how stubborn us Jackies can be) I do get the chance to play with them if my mum lets me though. If I am a good girl she gives me some nice treats and them tuna fish cakes are “yummy”. My mum has gained more confidence in me now although I am not quite sure who has been trained here – is it me or is it my mum?! A joint effort I think and well worth it. 

Thanks Jenny for your help.

Janis, Nottingham


It has been ideal training me to use the clicker, Jenny matches instruction to learning styles.

My dog has enjoyed it too, we have met some lovely dogs and humans!

Siobhan and Gimli, Nottingham


I would like to thank you, this does not seem to be my dog, he's so good!

Teresa and Pip, Nottingham


Hi Jenny,

Just a word of thanks to Jenny for all the help and advice with my cat mog.

Firstly, the clicker training worked a treat ! and I wouldn't have thought it possible with a cat, and online too. Now Mog not only sits for a tit bit she knows words and is well behaved. I have a clever responsive cat - thanks to clicker training and Jenny.

I also asked Jenny for her advice regarding a distressing behaviour. Mog was licking all her fur from the back of her legs and was nearly bald! (over grooming) I was told.  She looked thoroughly miserable and was off her food. It transpired after a consultation with Jenny that a new cat in the neighbourhood may be the problem. Yes there it was a new tom cat which was bothering Mog. After help and advice from Jenny, my neighbour and I resolved the simple matter of neutering and all's well now.

Many thanks Jenny.

Jane - Ireland


Jenny is the best thing that has happened to my two boys Jack and Charlie. They are now just over a year old and they were a nightmare. I was ready for calling it a day, as much as I loved them to bits, I really couldn't cope. I have been a dog owner before, but these two chaps really pushed me to the limit. They had no respect for me or the house and its contents. I had had a bad experience with a previous trainer, whose answer was to stick a choke chain on them, which I did use for a week, but really couldn't carry on, it was distressing for the boys and for me.  Jenny was the boys’ last hope.

We went back to basics with the clicker training. Jenny introduced them to tuna bread treats, for which even now they will go to the ends of the earth for!! They had to work for their food which was put into kongs for them and they loved it.

They were terrible pullers and it was horrendous to walk them, especially as I have to walk them on my own. After training with Jenny, and using the dogmatic halti-type collars, we now walk very well and enjoy our walks. We also had trouble passing other dogs, again Jenny sorted us out with that, and we are now very much fit for human and dog consumption!! Oh and she sorted us out when they decided to start eating the wall in the lounge!

You might think that this took months, in fact it was only 5 or 6 sessions. You do have to put the work in though to get the best results, but those results are well worth it. As Jenny is a trained behaviourist, she really understood where the boys were coming from.

Now it's a real pleasure to spend time with them and I found the training really rewarding when things started to drop into place.



We have had Jenny for several weeks to help us to train our labrador, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Bonnie is now very good and has learnt many tricks due to Jenny. Money well spent!

Sue, Gary & Bonnie

P.S. Bonnie loves her Kong, it keeps her occupied for ages.


I was at my wits end with my 2 patterdale terriers, Digger and Tug. Every night they would wee and poo in the Kitchen even though they were let out to toilet several times during the night. At first it was just one of the dogs, but now they are both doing it. The smell in the kitchen was terrible, it was so bad that the flooring has had to be removed. I even thought about getting rid of them, it got too much and with a new baby on the way, it seemed to be the only way forward. Until... I found out about the work Jenny does. We had a consultation on Skype where I told her everything, she listened and gave me instructions on what to do. She advised that I put the Dogs in crates at night or at least one of them (the naughy one). She gave me clear instructions on how to crate train. It's been 3 weeks now and the weeing and pooing has stopped, my house smells fresh and clean, the dogs are happier because they're not getting into trouble now. Digger loves his crate, its his own space that he treasures, he gets really excited when he see's me putting it up in the evening.Tug also has stopped weeing now.

I highly recommend Jenny, she's a star!!! Thanks Jenny

Love from Digger, Tug and Julie


Four months ago we bought a two month old boxer puppy and wondered what had hit us. Shortly after buying the puppy we were thinking about puppy training as we felt that we needed to have control as Buster was going to be such a big dog. My husband was walking around the Trash & Treasure indoor market and saw Jennys card and picked it and brought it home to show me but like a lot of things it got put on the back burner but five weeks ago when we were tearing our hair out wondering what we were going to do to control Buster we remembered Jennys card and gave her a ring.
It was the best phone call we ever made because within these few short weeks we now have a well behaved dog who although still very young at least now does as he's told.

For anyone looking to train their dog I would not hesitate to recommend Jenny – I think she saved our sanity.

Roy & Monica and Buster

Hi Jenny,

I must admit when my Mum and Dad told me about you, I thought “I’m only 14 weeks old, why do I need to see a dog behaviour specialist, I’m only a pup?! Talk about give a pup a complex.” They said I was going to enrol in ‘puppy pre-school’ so that I wouldn’t be likely to be a ‘Naughty Pet’ when I grew up. To be honest I thought they were having me on.

Then I met you, and very quickly realised that you really KNOW dogs, you seem to understand what makes us tick. My ‘puppy pre-school’ lessons are loads of fun, and Mum, Dad and I really enjoy them. They say they are very proud of me and that I’m really clever!

Since you’ve been to see us I just don’t seem to get into trouble any more – I’m too busy playing, learning or sleeping. Mum and Dad seem to understand me better too, and are inventing lots of new things for me to learn to do. My favourite game at the moment is ‘Fetch’, I find all sorts of things to bring to them!

So thank you very much for your help, we all really appreciate the difference it’s made, and hey all you other dogs, pups, chewers, barkers, etc, get Jenny in to see your family ‘cos she really does ‘GET’ dogs!