Dog behaviour therapy nottingham

Dogs are our best friends and often a much loved member of our families too - even when they're not perfectly well-behaved. We can't blame dogs for not being perfect little angels all the time, just like with children. They act on their feelings and instincts, which can sometimes be hard for them to manage. If you need some help managing your dog's behaviour, Naughty Pets provides dog behaviour therapy in Nottingham that could help you. Dogs can deal with anxiety or fear, or just have difficulty controlling their energy, just like humans can.
How Behaviour Therapy Can Help Your Dog
Behaviour therapy could be the answer if you find that your dog's behaviour is disrupting your life. Some dogs can make it difficult for you to take them anywhere or perhaps leave them alone, while others just seem to be naughty. Once a cause for their behaviour is identified, therapy can help to modify their behaviour. Jenny at Naughty Pets can carry out a consultation and write a behaviour modification plan, as well as offer training and advice. Behaviour training can help to ease your dog's anxieties and reinforce desired behaviours while discouraging those that you don't want.
Behaviour Therapy By Veterinary Referral
Dog behaviour therapy consultations are provided in Nottingham by Naughty Pets via vet referral. This is so that any medical causes for behavioural issues can be ruled out before they are addressed with therapy. If you want to request a dog behaviour consultation, you should first ask for a Veterinary Referral form, which you can give to your vet to fill out. You can get a form by contacting Jenny at Naughty Pets by phone or email.
Online Consultations Available
Naughty Pets also offers online dog behaviour consultations, making it easy for anyone to access the service, not just people within the Nottingham area. Online consultations can be carried out using Skype or a similar video call app, using a webcam and microphone. Using this method, Jenny can see and hear you and your dog to identify the cause of any behavioural issues and what might be reinforcing them.
Expert Dog Behaviour Therapy
Naughty Pets is run by Jenny, a qualified Pet Behaviour Counsellor, and Trainer. She has a number of qualifications in pet behaviour and training, which you can find out more about on her About page. With a strong love for animals, she has been working with puppies and adult dogs for years and has helped owners to deal with a range of behavioural issues.
Enquire About Dog Behaviour Therapy in Nottingham
Get in touch with Naughty Pets to enquire about dog behaviour therapy. Following a consultation, you might benefit from follow-up sessions and training, either in person or online. If you need help getting your dog's behaviour under control, you need to look no further than Naughty Pets. Call or email today to find out how Naughty Pets can help you and your dog, or check out the Testimonials page if you want to read about some success stories.