Puppy Training Nottingham

Like children, puppies don't begin their lives knowing how to behave. They need a little direction if you want them to be well-behaved. You can't train a puppy not to be a dog, but there are still some positive behaviours you can teach them, so they don't grow up misbehaving. Naughty Pets specialises in behavioural training for dogs and offers puppy training in Nottingham for all proud new dog parents. If you have just welcomed your new furry friend into your family, make sure you start your relationship off right with some appropriate training.
Benefits of Professional Puppy Training
When you get a new puppy, you might decide you're going to train it yourself. Many people swear that they will do just that and they really intend to. However, life can get in the way, and training a puppy isn't always as easy as you think it is. You can read a book or watch some videos, but it doesn't turn you into a professional trainer. Taking your puppy to professional training sessions helps to teach not just your puppy, but you too. It's important for both owners and puppies to learn how to get along and how to behave around each other.
Get Training from a Professional
When you sign up for puppy training sessions from Naughty Pets, you know you will receive professional instruction from a qualified trainer. Jenny has several qualifications in pet behaviour and dog training, and years of experience working with animals too. While it's possible to train your dog yourself, it's always better to do it with the expert advice and support of a professional. Attending puppy classes is also a great idea because it gives your puppy a chance to socialise with other dogs and learn how to get along with them.
One-on-one and Group Puppy Training in Nottingham
Naughty Pets gives you the option of attending private puppy training sessions in Nottingham or signing up for group classes. Our puppy pre-school helps you get started with training your puppy right away at home. An initial visit and a recommended four one-hour sessions following that will get you and your puppy on the right path. Beginners classes take place at the Naughty Pets training facility, where there will be a total of around five puppies per class. The classes will get you started with clicker training and teach some important commands. You will learn plenty too, such as how to read your dog's body language.
Safe Training in a Spacious Training Location
Puppy classes take place in our spacious training venue in Bestwood Village. There are both indoor and outdoor spaces, and the venue is accessible too. Children and other family members are welcome to come along and learn with you and your puppy.
Book Puppy Training in Nottingham with Naughty Pets
Visit the Puppy Pre-school and Beginners Classes pages to read more about the services offered. Call or email today to book your puppy training and set up both you and your puppy for a happy life together.