Dog Training Nottingham

Training your dog is great for you and your four-legged friend. You get to spend time with your dog and make sure they're well-behaved. Your pooch gets to spend time with you, get some tasty treats, and bask in being rewarded when they do something right. Training helps to stimulate their minds and can keep them active too, plus reinforces positive behaviours. Naughty Pets provides dog training in Nottingham to make it easier to teach your dog to be on their best behaviour, and perhaps to do some fun tricks too. Professional help with training your pet helps you learn how to train them yourself.
Clicker Training for Dogs
Naughty Pets runs both one-on-one training sessions and group classes, using a variety of training methods. One of the skills trainer Jenny teaches during one-to-one sessions, puppy training and online consultations is clicker training. Clicker training is a useful way of training dogs by getting them to associate the sound of a clicker with positive behaviours that they will be rewarded for (with tasty treats). It's a tried and tested way of training dogs, as well as other animals, and a great way to get started with training your dog.
Crate Training
Jenny can provide advice on crate training, which is a fantastic way to teach your dog good behaviour. Your dog's crate can become a place for them to enjoy when they want some peace and quiet or when they're ready for bed. Crate training can help a dog learn to settle down and gives them a den they can call their own. When a dog has learned to go to their crate, it is useful for when they might need to be out of the way for a while. Jenny can help with crate training during training sessions at home and provides advice and information online too.
Training for Puppies
Starting dog training when they are a puppy is the best thing you can do. The sooner you start training them, the easier it will be for them to start picking things up. Naughty Pets offers several options for owners who want to train their puppies, including Puppy Preschool and puppy classes. Puppies benefit from starting to learn while they're young, and owners can get a better understanding of how to train their dogs too.
Naughty Pets' dog training in Nottingham includes one-on-one consultations, both in person and online. Jenny can come to your home for Puppy Preschool and conduct behavioural consultations for dogs who might be having behavioural problems. You can even request a full-day consultation, with Jenny providing support and guidance in your home for a whole day, followed by further support online and by phone.
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Contact Naughty Pets today to enquire about dog training for your furry friend. Professional training is education not just for your dog, but for you too. Call or email now to book a class or consultation or get started on your training journey.