Online Consultations

Online Dog Training Consultations in Nottingham

This service is offered to all clients, in particular those unable to find a suitable therapist or trainer in their area. The requirements are that you have internet access, download Skype or another similar app, and have a web cam with microphone. Contact for more information.


Behaviour Consultations
The first consultation can take up to 90 minutes – During this time Jenny will determine the cause of behaviour and what might be reinforcing it. You will be given practical advice during the session, followed by a written behaviour modification programme specific to your needs, emailed or posted to you within a week. Plus a written report to your vet.

Please contact Jenny to request a Veterinary Referral form to give to your vet prior to the consultation. It is essential for your vet to rule out any medical causes for the behaviour.

  • Costs for initial behaviour consult: £95  (This includes a follow up session)
    subsequent sessions: £20 per hour

  • Costs for home alone service:  £20 per hour

  • Costs for training session: £20 per hour

Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash, Direct Bank Transfer or Paypal.  Please contact Jenny if you have any queries regarding payment.

N.B. Payment must be made in advance of all appointments. If you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hours notice.