Beginners Classes

Dog Beginners Classes in Nottingham
Make Training Fair, Fun and Effective!

The training classes are small, approximately 5 puppies in each group. Your puppy or dog will learn basic obedience skills while having fun! The length of the course is 5 weeks and the cost includes; clickers, homework, and a certificate of completion.

The classes also focus on teaching your puppy how to self-settle, this enables him to calm himself down when getting overly excited about something, this might be another dog, people or visitors to the house.  Learning "Go to the mat" is also another helpful exercise for your puppy to learn, this can be used when visitors arrive, ensuring that your puppy is well behaved and calm at this time is extremely desirable for most owners.

Learning about body language - this is an essential part of the training course, you will learn how to effectively read your dog, this improves communication and has a positive effect on your relationship.

Cost: £57.00